Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Don't Just Survive...Thrive!

Don't Just Survive...Thrive!

When most patients make their way to our practice, they are generally in some sort of discomfort to which they would like some relief. Now being a structural chiropractor I have to explain to them that it is not their pain directly that I will be dealing with, it is correcting their structure. Why is it that I may be talking about correcting your neck if it is low back pain that you came in with? Let me explain with an example.

Of these ladies, which do you expect to have neck pain? Of these ladies, which do you expect to see degenerated discs in the cervical spine (the neck)? For every inch the head is forward from the ideal position, the head puts an additional 10 pounds of relative weight onto the discs in the lower neck, which leads to degeneration of those discs. So if the person to the left were to walk into our office, would it not make sense that correcting the structure of her spine could help with whatever problem she happened to come in with.

These two women are roughly the same age. That tells me that poor posture IS NOT due to old age, it is due to a structural problem that has gone too long without being corrected. As you age it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and your body. Growing old is inevitable, but I think you should thrive in your golden years, not just survive.

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