Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Migraines Triggered By Blood Flow Changes in Upper Neck

It’s been long understood that blood flow changes in the brain is a trigger for migraines. What is not so clear is the exact triggers of these changes. New research out of the University of Calgary is showing that spinal misalignment in the upper neck can cause congestion of venous drainage from the head and be a trigger for migraines.

The chronic migraine patients in this study were examined using state-of-the-art, dynamic MRI technology in determining how the brain’s vascular system and brain function respond to an optimal NUCCA correction. It was found that venous drainage of the brain improved following the NUCCA correction. The majority of subjects reported significant improvement in their migraine symptoms, totally eliminating headache pain in many.

These are significant findings considering that at least 3 million women and 1 million men suffer from migraines in Canada. If there are friends or family members that suffer from migraines please let them know about this latest research. We may be able to help.

Dr. Jim Moore and Dr. Craig Deprez